Want to make positive changes in your life and relationships?

In my practice in Aylsham, north Norfolk, I provide supportive counselling for individuals and couples. Issues may be to do with stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, panic attacks, bereavement, childhood trauma, or relationship difficulties. I also do specialised work with stress-related irritable bowel syndrome using a well-established approach known as gut-directed hypnotherapy.

Counselling or psychotherapy offers you a new and better way forward. It helps you resolve difficulties which stem from your personal life, your work or relationships or from issues in the past that are still affecting you now. Resolving these sets you free and new options can be explored. You can discover how you want to be, and what you want from life.

Once this happens you have a sense of knowing where you want your life to go with the resources to get there.

As well as my private practice in north Norfolk I am co-author of the popular self help book ‘I Just Want To Be Happy’. Based on my 34 years in practice the book’s 35 easy to read chapters include lots of ‘power tool’ exercises to guide you on your journey of self discovery and change. The paperback is available on Amazon or can be downloaded from the e-book page on this site.

To quote from my book: “You were born to sail forward in your life towards your own fulfilment”. 

Adrian Blake BA (Hons), MBACP Accredited,
Diploma in Psychology (London University),
Cert Ed

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